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Faith Leader Training

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Main Street Ministries develops leaders of faith for the workplace.


Total Woman

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Main Street Ministries understands the unique challenges that women face.


Video Break Time


Awesome Business Practice #3 Being Real 

Course 101: Wisdom and Guidance


Learning to Hear God's Voice in a noisy world. 

Wisdom: The Proverbs at Work

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The wisdom of the Proverbs where you need it most.


Faith Building Resources

We're so excited to announce the opening of our all new online store. What are you waiting for, its time to go shopping!


Give Your Eyes a Break

Take a look at the new Breaktime videos. Some of the same intruiging topics of the Breaktime e-mails an a video format.


Join the Conversation

Visit our all new ONLINE FORUM. View some intruiguing topics and let your voice be heard.


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