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Knowing Christ 

"Only let us live up to what we have already attained." Philippians 3:16

Once we have gained understanding it is at that point that movement begins. We then have attained truth, and now as a mature believer we live up to it. We no longer just hear a truth and allow it to depart, but we live in truth and obedience. What we already know as truth we live in. 

We continue to grow in understanding when we grasp truth, and living up to what we know gives us great peace. When we take God at His Word and it becomes our way of life we find abundance. There is a great sense of accomplishment when God has brought revelation, and we live in our life of truth. We can find all we need right in His truth, however the trouble comes when we don’t live in it. 

Take the steps to keep faith alive while constantly applying what the Word has already brought to life. When we hear revelation we then take the steps to make it become what we live in. It sounds so easy… to hear a truth and allow it to become our way of life. Make it a year of movement in your faith by becoming obedient to what you have already attained in your years of walking with the Lord. 

Today in the workplace:

What truth do you need to walk in today






"All of us, then, who are matureshould take such a view of things.And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you." Philippians 3:15 

Maturity gives us a clear comprehension of life. A developed person walks in understanding and wisdom and lives life while taking responsibility. A mature heart has a clear view of how life should be lived and does not waver. A mature heart stands on a solid foundation. Once a mature person has gained understanding and truth it directs their steps accordingly. Truth now keeps them from backsliding, so they can move forward

When we grasp a truth the truth then has application. This application is what gives our heart maturity. Many can hear truth, but few will receive it and apply it to their heart and lives. Application of the word is extremely effective to our growth in our faith. If we just become hearers of the Word without doing, we will fall into immaturity. Childish ways are to be put behind us, and steps of active faith will lead us into maturity. 

This maturity goes with us right into the marketplace. It would be considered immature to leave your faith out of your daily activities.  Becoming grown up in our faith requires us to live in daily motion with Jesus. Living daily and moment by moment in His presence with obedience will gain you maturity. Are you able to walk in your faith no matter where you are? 

Today in the workplace:

Is your faith mature?





Pressing On


"I press ontoward the goal to win the prizefor which God has calledme heavenward in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:14

Pressing on toward the goal to win the prize. We all like prizes, and pressing on to win that prize is what we do. We do not stop, but we continue to press on to win, and the ultimate calling is heavenward. Paul kept his focus on the heavenward road, but he also kept one foot planted here. It was like he had one foot here grounded in Christ and one already in Heaven. 

The calling is Heaven, and the way to the destination is to keep pressing on. The movement is forward reconciling our steps with the Lord. The steps don’t become weary, because we stay focused on the goal which is Heaven. Building in Heaven will keep us from straining after things which will not last. Pressing on means we have passion to stay in step with the Lord’s movements. We know that our faith is not stagnant, butit is active participation with Jesus. 

Only in Christ can we find what we need to make this movement forward. It is only in our love relationship with Jesus and in the enthusiasm released in our heart that we make our goal Heaven. When we begin to see our future through these eyes the steps getting there are worth all our effort.  Do not stop pressing on toward the future, and simply let the rest go. 

Today in the workplace:

How are your steps




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