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The wisdom of the Proverbs where you need it most.


Hearing God

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Learning to Hear God's Voice in a noisy world. 


What would make lunch special for you?
MSM would like to invite you to a lunch special like no other. The unique thing about this lunch is God being with us. Where together we could listen and learn from each other about our workplace and our lives. Where together we could pray and grow together and the menu would be Gods Presence, and we would feast off of what He offers. 
If this is a lunch you would consider CONTACT US  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


How have you noticed God in your workplace?

MSM would be honored to know of your latest God sighting.

We are going to share your observation with others on MSM media and KCWN 99.9.

The hope is the more we share these sighting; the more others will begin to take notice of God at work.

 Please share your sighting.  


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