Workplace Topic: Sexual Harassment 

What can we possibly do in a world when each day news reports of another fallen to the prey of sexual sin? My heart is heavy with this news and I am tempted to feel as though there is nothing I can do. There is plenty we all can do in a broken world. I am rejoicing that sin is being brought to light and healing can begin. Thank you, Lord!  To be clear sexual harassment is sin, 

The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; Gal 5:19.  

To assert power over another so my flesh can be satisfied is a sickening and disgusting thought.

To make inappropriate suggestions to another is speaking and acting as if the value of another is insignificant.  Could it be we have lost the value and respect for others? We have come to a place where the only value we possess is what power we can assert over another instead of how we can serve others.  We as believers can put the flame of the flesh to rest when we, 

"So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh." Galatians 5:16. 

Paul reveals clearly a way out from the temptation of the flesh. Walk by the Spirit. This means we walk with our hands and feet willing to serve and love another with the Spirit's power. We value others above ourselves and think of how we can serve instead of assert. The Spirit leads us to love and serve away from manipulation and coercion. 

The workplace is filled with sexual temptation because power, gender, greed, and lust all meet together under one roof and are expected to walk morally. How can we possibly put all of these ingredients together for a possible collision of sin and expect any different outcome? We can when we allow our workplaces to become what they were intended to be, a place where the Spirit of God dwells among us to live out our purpose. The focus of our work is not what we can gain but what the Spirit is building and creating through us in God's Kingdom.  

Our workplaces are the places of assignment God has given us!  Let us use this place of assignment to reveal the greatest of God's character instead of trying to make a name for ourselves. May we build His Kingdom right in the center of our workplace.  Yes, many have fallen lately but let us keep ourselves in check and our possible temptation to assert power and to treat others with disregard.   Be Blessed as you continue to serve in a greater Kingdom other than serving the Flesh. 

Repent if you have ever used another for your gain or fleshly fulfillment.  

In Great Love of our Savior



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