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A Soul’s Longing
 For who is God besides the Lord?  And who is the Rock except our God?  Psalm 18:31

 Many times, we may find ourselves running in many directions trying to find help. There are gods which entice us to step into their path for security and compassion. But only after stepping into their path do we realize they only offer a temporary fix for an eternal problem. Our soul is longing to know the one true God our maker, and anything other than Him is an idol.

There is no hope for our soul outside of God. He is the One we call on in time of sorrow, trouble, sickness, and setbacks in life. We find hope when we call and know He answers with His Word. He offers hope in a world filled with false securities or false hope. He is the solid rock among the slippery places where life is challenging us to stand. There are many rocks which we can stand upon, but only One promises sure footing.

There is nowhere we can run where the soul will find safety from the troubled times. He is perfect in every characteristic and all-powerful in every act for us. Nothing other than his divine wisdom can satisfy our longing for knowledge, and He is our answer. What more do we need?

Today in the workplace

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