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Finding a Good Departure
Look away from me, that I may enjoy life again before I depart and am no more.” Psalm 39:13

Really David, you want God to look away so that you can enjoy life?  Enjoyment from life comes from God, and David of all people should understand this truth. David didn’t want to leave the world under a cloud of despair and discouragement but wanted to leave cheerfully.  He desired God to look away from his plan of punishment.

There is no greater witness than to watch someone die with cheer in their heart. Having joyful confidence in God as time passes leave such an impression on those standing by. Some can view leaving this world as a dark and gloomy time with no hope but not the Christ follower. It is just one more step, the biggest step of assurance in their faith walk.

David’s hope, as well as ours, is to leave this world with joy in our heart for all those who will still be here. He wanted the cloud of despair to be lifted from him so he could know this joy and David realized that God could lift it so joy could return. He didn’t try to find his hope and joy in any place other than in the presence of God. What a conviction for us all to grasp in finding the comfort of His presence, and to continually seek God in finding true joy.

Today in the Workplace

Do you, like the Psalmist, need God to look away from his punishment?




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