Matt Sands


Matt is currently enrolled in the Film and Media Studies program through Arizona State University's online program. He has a passion for movies and all things filmmaking, and his dream job would be to become a screenwriter. In the meantime, he enjoys his work in his "back up" career as a freelance videographer, filming everything from weddings to Main Street Ministries' videos.
Matt is married to his beautiful wife, Marissa, whom he met in his first go-around with higher education at Greenville College in Greenville, IL. They were married in 2007, and Marissa graduated from law school in 2012. She is a practicing family law attorney in Taylorville, IL, and they live in Nokomis, IL, with their dog, Shooter. Matt enjoys watching as many movies as is humanly possible and amassing a large collection of record albums. Marissa tolerates both of these hobbies with admirable grace. They both love baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals. They attend the Hillsboro, IL, Free Methodist Church, which is pastored by Matt's father, Randy. (Fun fact: the worship director is Sabra Dyas' son, CJ!)
Matt and Marissa are amazed every day at the wonderful all-sufficient grace of Jesus and strive to share that same love and grace with all.

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