Peggy Ashman

Faith Leader Coach

Born into and raised in an established Christian home, Peggy was given every opportunity to learn about Jesus and God’s Word, but she didn’t grasp on to Jesus’s hand until walking through some dark times and being introduced to some powerful Bible teachings. The great feeling of forgiveness now leaves a yearning for the application of God’s Word in her life. She finds herself in the middle of developing programs and retreats for the women of the church she attends and the community in which she was born and raised. Mission statement: the knowledge of God’s Word is so important, but the application is crucial—if I know it and it doesn’t change me, then I don’t really know it! In love with Jesus, her husband, two grown sons, and a grand puppy, all of whom are passionate about sports, especially baseball, Peggy spends her days in the financial industry, giving her many opportunities to engage in conversation with people of all types. She loves to travel, loves to read, loves music, and loves to be known as a “Jesus gal” and an “imperfect work in progress.”
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