Sabra Dyas

Founder & CEO

Sabra Dyas is the CEO and founder of Main Street Ministries. She has served in ministry since 1998 as an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church, senior pastor, church planter, and Apollos coordinator. In 2010, the Lord led her to start Main Street Ministries. 

Sabra is a faith leader, gifted speaker, author, and spiritual entrepreneur. She speaks and writes with great passion and humor and will challenge you to move with God in power. She has authored Altars and Treasures from her faith at work devotional series, as well as Hearing God at Work, Hearing God as a TeenWisdom, and Passion and Purpose. She has also co-authored Faith at Work and Faith at Work Book.

Sabra hungers to see people’s lives changed by the Good News of Jesus Christ. This Good News enters into the doorway of our workplaces through us. Main Street Ministries helps empower people to actively live their faith at work by becoming faith leaders. A faith leader is someone who lives his or her faith at work and empowers others to do the same.

Sabra has been married for thirty-two years to her high school sweetheart, Cliff. They have four children and currently reside in Iowa.


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