What are people saying about Main Street Ministries? See for yourself.

"I have been receiving the Break Time emails for awhile and they always make me centered back on God, which I appreciate. The below Break Time email in particular came at the perfect time...God's timing was evident as it helped me respond in a loving way as Christ would have to a conflict I had at hand."

"The Power Texts are amazing! I can receive a thought provoking or self examining text that always improves my day. Sometimes I feel God speaking directly to me through them."

"Every person knows of a moment in life where they were in the right place and the right time. That is what took place in the Chillicothe Free Methodist Church the last week of August during our revival services. God has been very busy preparing all the pieces that were necessary for this moment that He had ordained to take place. It was through the faithful obedience of Sabra and Cliff that was the final piece that made these meetings a powerful time in the presence of God that has greatly impacted many in our congregation. Through each service God continued to grab hold of people through the worship and the Word that was spoken through Sabra. There was an anointing on every aspect of our time together as the Holy Spirit did the work that only He can do. Our church experienced confession as people opened up more of their lives to God and their brothers and sisters around them. People let go of past hurts, failures, and sins by allowing the grace of God to flood into the depths of their soul. We saw people forgiving those that had hurt them and even forgiving themselves. During each meeting the excitement increased as people came with anticipation and a renewed faith that God was in their lives. This is what some of those that attended the revival service had to say about what God accomplished during our time together with Cliff and Sabra."
"We felt a call from God to intensify our study of His Word. We felt very strongly that God loves us and wants us to know Him intimately."  Kenny and Sharon

"Sabra spent time talking on forgiveness and it is something that really opened my own eyes because I had not forgiven myself for a lot of things. I can see that I need to forgive myself so that I can help more people. Thanks Sabra for the wonderful messages."  Travis

"I really got a lot from the revival with Sabra, this was the first time I had heard her speak so it was very exciting. She was real and to the point! For me personally I felt God was talking to me about timing and learning to wait on the Lord and to realize it is about his will and what he wants not what I want. That everyday should be about him and even though I know this and try to follow this I felt she was a great living example with her ministry." Amanda

"We are grateful for all that God has accomplished in our church through Sabra and Cliff. The work they were able to do has benefited and blessed many in our congregation. We are excited to partner with them and all that God will do through Main Street Ministries." Pastor David Condry, Chillicothe Free Methodist Church
"What has Main Street Ministry done for me…

"It has given me a fresh look at God’s Word. It provides me with daily encouragement from God’s word. It teaches me how to study scripture, to dig deeper to find new truths in His Word. Rev. Sabra Dyas has a contagious love and fire for the Lord! She makes you think outside of the box. She teaches you how to be a better witness for the Lord at work. She gives you new insight through God’s word how to handle problems in the workplace. Rev. Sabra is an amazing motivational speaker, she inspires you to search your heart, to see what God is really saying to you.

"It is not long after I open my eyes each morning that I begin to anticipate when I will receive my Power Text from Main Street Ministries and what encouragment & faith lesson it will bring me at home or at work. These texts prepare me for & help me through my day. They are also a reminder that we do not run this race or fight this good fight alone but as one body, with Christ as the head, we are a family. What greater joy, precious brothers & sisters, is there than to be a part of this family & be willing vessels of The Holy Spirit to bring others into it?
"I truly see The Holy Spirit at work through Main Street Ministries. Sabra & Cliff Dyas, Todd Burch & their ministry team are examples to me of these vessels God has called us to be. "Faith At Work" by Sabra Dyas & Todd Burch is impacting my life & ministry in my work place in an awesome way (I hope there's a sequel). I've heard many speakers @ churches & conferences, famous & known locally, Sabra Dyas is by far the most anointed I've come across & one out of two or three I could honestly listen to all day. Perhaps because she is so real & gets right to the heart of things. To God be the glory! I'm honored to have had the opportunity to share how M.S.M. has blessed me as I know it has so many.

"Thank you M.S.M. & love in Jesus to all who read this." Sheena Hope Abbey
"I have been attending Main Street Ministries for about eight months, which has been a very positive influence on my work life. As a healthcare executive in a fast-paced business environment where unexpected issues arise daily, I frequently fight the temptation to try to fix things myself without leaning on the Lord for guidance. What a blessing it is to be reminded by Main Street Ministries that I can instead lay it at the foot of the cross! Main Street helps me stay God-centered and people-focused at work. Each lesson adds value that I can recall in times of distress. One message that I often call to mind is that we are to give grace to God’s imperfect people and demonstrate love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness just as He gives us since we too are imperfect. Building supportive relationships, growing through prayer and in the Word, as well as realizing that we all struggle with similar issues has been a great source of encouragement. I walk away from each lesson renewed and refreshed. Thank you Main Street for this practical and wonderful ministry!" Brett Altman, Clinical Operations Officer
"God is truly at work through Main Street Ministries. Our team looks forward to MSM's Lunch-n-Learn visits as an encouraging time for all of us. Through these meetings, and from seeing our office as a place of ministry, we have grown closer as a team." Eric Recker 


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