How to Face a Difficult Situation





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    How to Face a Difficult Situation 

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"Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel."  Philippians 1:12

Bad things happen all the time to great people, and it can be one of the most difficult assessments of who God is. If God were a good God, then why would bad things happen to those who serve him? Paul served God well and was paving the way for many churches to begin their ministry of the resurrection of Jesus. Why then would God invade the work Paul was doing to place him in chains? Why would we have to endure difficult times in our workplace when all we are doing is good? These questions will not be answered in this short break time, but the beginning of our thinking will be probed. 

Paul’s perspective concerning his chains was they were going to serve to advance the gospel. An amazing perspective to have during our times of difficulties is to allow our suffering to become a part of advancing the Gospel. When suffering happens we can serve it, or we can serve God through the suffering. When we serve our suffering it becomes the focus of our attention.  We have become encapsulated with its inconvenience to the point of being parlayzed by its effect. We have all been there when something bad happens. The only coping we know is to continuously complain or become saturated in our mind and heart with the pain. 

There is a way out. Sometimes the greatest of all miracles in suffering is not the removal of the source of pain but finding God in it. When we give space to God in our pain we now have allowed Him to supersede our thoughts and come to a place of peace. We can even get to the point that we allow this weakness to become a place where the Gospel begins to speak. We can stop serving our suffering and instead serve God in the suffering. Otherwise if we continue to serve our weakness and pain it has the power over us to dictate how we will respond. When God has the pain He then imparts strength that overcomes our weakness to the place where the Gospel is soaring through us. 

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