The Result of a Difficult Situation





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    The Result of a Difficult Situation 

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"As a result, it has become clear throughout the whole palace guard and to everyone else that I am in chains for Christ." Philippians 1:13

Paul now goes as far to say that his chains are for Christ which is another amazing truth. He has stepped into the place where his chains are for Christ instead of blaming Christ. He clearly had the power of the Spirit to enable him to endeavor such a feat in his life. There was no mistake to those around him that his chains were for Christ. The result was he allowed his chains to serve a purpose and that was Christ.

We all have chains of some sort in our lives, and some of them can even be found in our workplace. When our chains begin to speak, they rule our lives and they begin to convince us that they own us. The way out is to realize our chains can be the very thingGod uses to speak through us. The chains can become so evident to others that they are being used to speak for Christ. How we handle our weakness of life speaks clearly towho we are trusting. What an opportunity we have when difficulties come our way to allow them to be used to speak for the strength of God. 

So go ahead and make His name famous though your trials by making it clear that they are being used by God. Make it clear that these trials are not being used for evil by giving God access to use them for Himself. This movement may take time but know that when we decide to transfer the chains to His ownership they no longer can keep a hold on us. They no longer can own us or hold us back from their divine purpose. 

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Do others know who owns your chains?

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