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    Growing in Confidence 

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"And because of my chains, most of the brothers and sisters have become confident in the Lord and dare all the more to proclaim the gospel without fear."  Philippians 1:14

This verse "Wows" me. Because of Paul’s difficult situation, and because of his chains, others grew in their confidence in the Lord. They watched Paul’s reaction to his chains. They observed his way of handling life’s difficulties. Because of their observation they become confident in the Lord. Even to the point of becoming fearless in proclaiming the gospel.

What are others seeing in us when we are in a burdensome time? How do others begin to take notice of the power of God when we are under pressure? Brothers and sisters are watching and observing in the way we respond to the pressures of the world. When we allow our trial to be a testimony of Christ in us, then those around us become confident in their faith. It does work when we hear and see how others respond to the trial in their lives. It increases our faith. There is a deposit that is made in our hearts when we hear how others overcome. 

The workplace is filled with trials and chains. We can choose how we respond, and when we choose our faith the confidence of others grows. Even those who may not have faith can be inspired by the way we choose to respond. Others will even get to the place where the chains we have could be what makes them respond fearlessly. The key to growing in confidence is relying upon Christ in our chains. The chains themselves do not grow confidence, but who we rely on to help carry the chains will give us the confidence that we need. The kind of confidence that will spill out to others. 

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Where are your chains saying?

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