Living or Existing


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Living or Existing

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"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." Philippians 1:21 

What an encouraging word to live by! Living is about Christ, and when we try and make it something other than Christ we stop finding fulfillment. We may find temporary success or even feelings of grandeur, but with Christ it will soon diminish. Christ is our purpose, and when we find our life in Him we are living. There is no other way around living through Christ. The world will try and convince us there is a better way, but know the way will soon end in destruction. It is true it may feel good and look good and even be prosperous, but apart from Christ it will not last. 

Paul was so tied to Christ he even realized for him to die would be a gain. It wasn't that Paul was ready to die, but he realized that this life is just a reflection of what glory was awaiting him. Therefore he poured himself into this life helping others to live for the next. He needed to stay here but impart into the one to come - the life that will last forever. 

Faith leader, we can gain from having a perspective on life which knows that living is in Christ, and everything else is just existing. That is why even in our workplace we can find life, because we are living in Christ. We do not stop living in Christ or even begin to compartmentalize His existence in us. When we draw apart from Christ we stop living and start existing without purpose.  Living goes so far beyond what we can imagine, because through us there is nothing Christ cannot do. Living in Christ is where we gain. 

Today in the Workplace:

Are you living or existing? 

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