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Active Faith

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"If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know!" Philippians 1:22

What a focus and purpose: fruitful labor for me. Paul did not observe his work as a tiresome task to be completed or a checkmark at the end of the day. Instead, he walked into his day knowing this was a day for his labor to be fruitful. He did not hold back, but his dilemma was his yearning of wanting to depart to be with Christ.  He desired to be with Christ but knew his labors on earth needed to continue. 

We are all in that place for we know that until we depart to be with our Maker, our work is to be fruitful. We do not stop laboring for Christ no matter where we are in life. Paul was in prison, literally in chains. Sometimes it seems the temptation would be to use our age or circumstances to stop being fruitful. To take a day off from our faith and relax into the ways of the world is a constant temptation for some. To overcome is a constant reminder that our faith is living now in the present moment. Our faith does not stop and is always ready to produce fruit in the world. The trouble is when the world becomes larger than our active faith. Then we are drawn into the temptation to become active in the world instead of our faith. We end up fruitless. 

Know today that our faith should not stop producing fruit. When we continue to come to the source of our faith we will find fruit is produced. We do not look to the fruit in pride, but the source of fruit is humility. Even in our workplace our faith is constant and fruit is produced.  Fruitful labor means our faith is active, and until we go to our eternal home that is the state of our faith. Our faith is no longer a compartment of our life, but it is our life. The faith that does not stop no matter who or where we are is fruitful. 

Today in the workplace:

Are there areas in your faith where you are tempted to rest? 

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